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SomaScan™ Assay

The SomaScan™ Assay measures proteins from a single blood sample, enabling biomarker discovery and drug target identification. The SomaScan™ Assay uses Slow Off-Rate Modified Aptamers (called SOMAmer® reagents) to provide 7,000 highly reproducible measurements of circulating proteins from a sample of plasma, serum, or urine.

As a SomaScan™ Certified Site by SomaLogic, we provide services for both the whole SomaScan™ Assay of 7,000 proteins and disease-specific panels to suit your needs.

SomaScan Panels

The SomaScan Assay is available in disease-specific panels. Disease-specific panels include 168 – 1,316 targets and are currently available for seven key disease areas: Inflammation and Immune Response, Cardiovascular Disease, Oncology, Nutritional and Metabolic Diseases, Neuroscience, Cytokines, Respiratory.

The panel can also be customized up to 1,500 targets. Moreover, the SomaScan Assay leads the market in specificity, dynamic range, and reproducibility as Figure below.

Discover new disease biomarkers through high-throughout protein profiling


Proteins analyzed in each 55 μL sample


Median coefficient of variation for plasma

10 log

Dynamic range from
fM to μM


to date


samples run
to date

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