About Molecular Genomics

Molecular Genomics, a Genomax Technologies company, is a custom research service provider offering advanced and innovative genomics and proteomics services to help our partners accelerate their bio-discovery. We believe incorporating multi-omics data from next-generation proteomics, single cell analysis and spatial genomics to existing genomics research will revolutionise bio-discovery. Our team of highly qualified professionals work with potential partners on consultative approach to understand their research needs and develop tailored solution to address their need.

Molecular Genomics is a certified service provider (CSP) for 10x Genomics and SomaLogic. As an established genomics and proteomics service provider, Molecular Genomics has assisted our partners closely at life science research institutes, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical companies in conducting the following services:

  • SomaScan Assay services
  • Single Cell Gene Expression Analysis services
  • Next generation sequencing (NGS) services
  • Microarray services

Our Mission

To accelerate bio-discovery with advanced and innovative genomics and proteomics services.

Assay Services

Take advantage of large-scale proteomic research and discover 7,000 proteins over a broad dynamic range without forgoing reproducibility, sensitivity, or specificity. The SomaScan™ Assay leverages modified aptamers (SOMAmer® reagents) to detect proteins within a biological sample and microarrays to read the proteins detected.

For full-service assistance at your research lab, contact Molecular Genomics and accelerate your research with your trusted partner. We are a SomaScan™ Certified Site.

Single Cell Gene Expression Analysis Services

Expand your single cell capabilities with the most advanced hardware and highest throughput flexibility, enabling multi-omic analysis of hundreds to millions of cells. For scientists in the fields of life sciences, biomedical and clinical, we provide high-throughput genomics analysis integrated services from experimental design consultation, sample preparation, experimental operation to data analysis.

Contact us for your projects’ needs. We are a 10X Genomics certified service provider.


Molecular Genomics offers the complete portfolio of the Agilent microarray platform since 2011, including:

  • Gene expression (GE)
  • Array comparative genomic hybridization (aCGH)
  • DNA methylation
  • MicroRNA (miRNA)

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